As custodian of thousands of cases, we can pass on our discounted trade rate to our clients.

Many clients choose to instruct us to move their cases across to Arc storage. Our low charges mean that even taking transfer and receiving charges into account, our fees still work out significantly lower than comparable storage options in the UK.

Please contact us for a full list of our prices.

Storage & Insurance

Charged per case per year or part year. Storage is charged a year in advance and if stock is withdrawn during the year we are unable to refund part of the year.

All wines are automatically insured against 'all risks' at full replacement value.


One-off charge payable on receipt of the cases at the warehouse. Covers the cost of checking, labelling and locating each case and for the administration.


Arc Reserves can provide high quality photographs of your case(s) which will be viewable on your online account.


Arc Reserves can deliver to all UK addresses at competitive rates. Quotes can also be provided for deliveries of larger quantities or for deliveries to non UK addresses. All deliveries are insured up to £1,000. For values over this an additional insurance charge will be added at cost (0.20% of value). This additional insurance is optional, please let us know in advance if you do not want this to be added.


Arc Reserves can also provide a number of other services including collections, bottle picking and re-packing. Please enquire for more details.

All charges are subject to VAT

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