Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account with Arc Reserves?

To open an account with Arc Reserves please apply online at or an email including your details and likely storage requirements (number of cases and value). Accounts can be set up quickly and we will guide you through the rest of the process.

How much are the storage charges?

Our storage rates are very competitive and can be as little as £10.25+VAT per case per year. A full list of our storage charges can be found here.

What is the insurance cover on my wine?

All wines stored with Arc Reserves are automatically insured against 'all risks' at full replacement value.

How do I get wines delivered into my account?

The simplest way to get wines delivered into your account is to ask your current merchant or storage provider to deliver them on your behalf. Please ask your current merchant or storage provider to email to request a booking in reference. For wines being transferred under bond we require proof of the purchase price paid to complete the booking in process - either a copy of the invoice or release instructions. The address to arrange deliveries to is below:

Your Arc Account Number, Your Arc Account Name
Arc Reserves
EHD London No 1 Bond LTD
Unit E Dolphin Estate
Windmill Road
TW16 7HE

How do I arrange deliveries from my account?

We require written confirmation for all transfers, either by a signed letter or authorised email. We may also contact you to confirm details for the transfer, particularly for unusual requests. Contact us with a list of the wines you would like delivered, their destination and your preferred delivery date. For wines held under bond, Duty and VAT will be required to be paid before wines can be released.

Can I have photos taken of my wine?

Yes, photos of your cases can be taken on arrival. These will be uploaded to your online account and can be viewed at your convenience, whenever you wish. Cases will not be opened on arrival unless requested; we will also advise if cases arrive with their original Chateau banding.

How do I update my account details?

Written confirmation is required to make changes to your account, either by a signed letter or authorised email. You can also request changes to your account details when logged into your account.